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Wauk-A-Way Farm

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   Wauk-A-Way Farm has over 100 top quailty Registered Classic Shetland show prospects to choose from that are for sale. Almost all of our ponies are foundation certified by the American Shetland Pony Club ( ASPC) . Our breeding program is geared toward producing show winning ponies with great dispositions. Wauk-A-Way prides itself on rasing ponies that are smart and well mannered. You can feel safe with having children around our ponies.
    All of us at Wauk-A-Way are proud to say that we have had the National Champion herd of three of the last four years ( Winning at National Shows and ASPC Congress) . We have several Hall Of Fame ponies, National Champion winners and excellent broodmares. We also have the offspring and siblings to our Hall Of Fame and National Champion ponies. We have a excellent selection of exposed mares,mares with foals,geldings,stallions,yearlings and 28 weanlings to choose from. Most are black and white , but we have a few bays,blacks,overos & bay/white. All of our ponies have pedigrees of proven show winners. We also have a great selection of ponies that could hardship into the AMHR.
  Come and visit us and our ponies. It's always better to see them in their natural surroundings.
Remember, You're always welcome at Wauk-A-Way .

Dr William Wempe           Steve Wempe
  Lawrence,KS                  Lawrence,KS
 (785) 748-0812                 (785) 841-6862




Quality Classic Shetland show ponies always for sale.